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Colors Urban Hotel

You'll probably remember an older post of ours, presenting you with the other members of the Colors family:...

On 04 Dec 2016 By Urban Hypsteria / 0 Comment
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Live in Athens

In what is set to be a second consecutive record year for Greek tourism, we are sure our fellow Hypsterians...

On 04 Aug 2014 By Urban Hypsteria / 0 Comment
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YOLOstel Belgrade

First, do check out this photos: Seems pretty normal, right? Well, the interior of YOLOstel is NOT!...

On 30 Mar 2014 By Urban Hypsteria / 0 Comment
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Where Centaurs reside…

Back to Greece, where sunny weather is a trend even during...winter! This small hotel is one of the oldest...

On 01 Mar 2014 By Urban Hypsteria / 1 Comment


  -EN- the.flat is a non-profit space ready to welcome and host creative activities of friends...

On 21 Nov 2013 By Ifigeneia Konstantinidou / 6 Comments
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Nature calling: zagorohoria!

- ΕΝ - The breathtaking experience of this journey, we owe partly to Alternatrips who offered us the stay...

On 13 Aug 2013 By Ifigeneia Konstantinidou / 0 Comment
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Nature calling: dilofo!

- EN - Some time ago, we got lucky and our trip partners at alternatrips provided us with...

On 13 Aug 2013 By Ifigeneia Konstantinidou / 1 Comment
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Colors Hotel Contest! And the winner is…

Thank you for all your enthusiastic comments! It made us realize how many Thessaloniki lovers are out there...

On 09 Jun 2013 By Urban Hypsteria / 0 Comment

Colors Hotel

- EN - Who said Thessaloniki is not a weekend destination? Well, we already tried to convince you on the opposite...

On 26 May 2013 By Ifigeneia Konstantinidou / 4 Comments

Hosteling – Solyk Hostel

- EN - Discovering the new trend in hospitality, "hosteling", after our post on City Circus in Athens,...

On 11 Feb 2013 By Ifigeneia Konstantinidou / 3 Comments